The Jolt Racket - an Insect Repellent Bug Zapper

The Jolt Racket has no emotions. It doesn't know it's own power as an insect repellent.

Only One
A Victim No More

It changes its owner from a victim of blood theft into a dangerous threat to anything that flies, crawls, or squats in the mud!

You will usually pack along that OFF! Spray or Deet (Stinky) cream when you go camping or even to a BBQ in the neighbourhood.

Somewhere you will encounter blood-drinking, unkempt insects you are just trying your best to protect yourself from.

During the night, some insect always gets through and leaves you with an annoying, itchy (And often Dangerous) bug bite.

With the Jolt Big Zapper you are no longer a victim but a strong opponent who protects themselves by killing that which would take your blood.

The Jolt brand is the best on the market and requires nothing but a few AA batteries and a good swing from you. No bug can escape it and many have died trying.

No animals were harmed during any of the experiments we conducted. Unfortunately, many bugs were electrified and a few even exploded. We do regret this since the bugs were not a threat at that time.

Just stay the heck away from my BBQ or my Camping tours. I bring my Jolt Bug Zapper everywhere and nothing gets past it. One swipe from the thing and it's lights out for any mosquito that flies anywhere near me/you.

Sometimes they fly right into the racket on their own, attracted by the beauty of its construction.

Lightning Bug Zapper

Outsells cheap 1,000V ~ 1,500V zapper models at twice the price

Our Output Voltage is 3,300V

Sold under many brand names in many languages!

A Heavy Duty Tool

High Performance Circuit delivers the zap needed

Works Season after Season

Sturdy Construction for inevitable abuse

Remember that the Jolt Racket is RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Material) Certified.

It just means that they are using less materials that are harmful to the environment in the production of the racket. They were actually forced to do it in order to meet the new 'green' standard for electronics in both Europe and California.

Europe and California? That's an odd couple but they are leading the way. They are now telling the companies what to use in the production of their products. And they have to listen or be banned from selling in their respective countries.

That was one reason we chose this racket over the others but there are other reasons such as quality and ability to blow bugs out of the air. We wanted pinpoint accuracy in a quality package.

  • What is it?

It looks just like a tennis racket only it produces a whack of static electricity that kills bugs dead.

There is a red light that comes on when you press the on/off button. Let go of the button and the electricity is released, aftecting everything around it.

The charge on the grill is enough to zap a mosquito dead, stun a fly or zap off a wing or a leg or both! Just push the button and zap the insect out of the air.

  • How Does it Work?

The bugs serve as conductors between the imbalanced rods. Holding the power button on, immediately charges the grill. When you hit the insect, the racket makes a nice spark and a zapping sound when its static electricity is discharged to the insect, (Much like those portable insect zappers).
  • Is it Safe?

Yes, it is CE certified safe. The power of a couple of AA batteries would not hurt, only shock a human (A good set of batteries should last a season).

Warranty :

  • 1 Year Limited

Specifications :

  • Power source: 2 'AA' batteries
  • Input Voltage: 3V,
  • Output Voltage: 3,300V
  • Input Amps: 0.24 ~ 0.26A,
  • Output Amps: 0.03 Ma (plus or minus)
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Find Love Again!

Come to the rescue of the neighbourhood BBQ that you were not invited to.

Choose the hottest girl and Whack! Any insect that tries for her blood. Love will bloom shortly after.